A semi-sweet, medium-bodied wine that has aroma and flavor of a freshly picked, ripe blackberry. Enjoy chilled on its own or with your favorite dessert.
A delicious sweet cranberry wine best served cold. Also delicious mixed with orange juice for a nice brunch adult beverage.
A refreshing wine that combines the aromas of apple, pear, and grape with a hint of spice. The sweet and tart flavors are best recognized when served chilled.
A southern favorite. Tastes like a peach freshly picked off the tree. This white wine is best served cold. Can be enjoyed as a dessert wine.
Red blend combined with flavorful mixed fruit. Great served cold with fresh fruit added. A must have for summer gatherings.
Smooth, semi-dry red blend with a beautiful purple hue. Incredible black cherry flavor that lasts on the palate.
Sweet red blend bursting with fruity flavors like sweet but tart candied apples. Delicious served chilled with spicy dishes or pork.
Sweet and delicate white blend with intense fruity aromas and flavors. Superb served chilled by itself or with a dessert.
Semi-dry white with floral and fruity aromas along with flavors of pineapple and marmalade. Easy drinking wine with a crisp, clean finish. Wonderful paired with your favorite soft cheeses.